Monday, July 06, 2009

Don't Eat Me.

I'm a little offended by this advertisement. It's a little disrespectful, not to mention unrealistic. If I don't take resveratrol then I am going to look like this? Better yet, its all just going to catch up with me and I'm going to age 100 years in a second and scare the crap out of everyone around me? That would be kind of awesome, come to think of it.

If I were this old lady I think I'd be suing someone for using my image as a warning label. Crap, the old woman looks like she is 200 years old. I imagine she's lived a long and full life. And shoot, she may have lived through a concentration camp. Who knows? And there's just no getting around it folks: WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE OLD. WE WILL ALL GET WRINKLES. WE WILL ALL GET BRITTLE. WE WILL ALL DIE SOMEDAY looking much older than we did at 30.

I'm not trying to build a case for sitting around on your butt and waiting to die, but I am saying this: Old age WILL catch up to you. There is NO escaping it. No botox or nose job or liposuction or new resveratrol pill will save you from the wrinkles or saggy ass. The question is, will you age with dignity and with a determination to stay as healthy and positive as you can? Or will you grow old scraping the dirt as age drags you to each year. Will you make your life miserable staring at the new wrinkles in the mirror and then everyone else's life miserable trying to live out some thing you were too chicken to do when you were young? (Not that doing that is bad; it's good! But you sure can make it easier on the people around you by not trying to do it swimming in narcissism.)

Nothing wrong with staying healthy. And there is nothing wrong with growing older. Those two things can coexist. But sooner or later, we all croak of the latter. And that's just all there is to it. Might as well enjoy the ride to the cliff the best we can. (See UP!)

I think some basic, cliche principles can help you grow old with joy and dignity:

(At least, this is what I've learned from really old and really healthy people.)

1. Love God
2. Eat healthy.
3. Drink some wine every day.
4. EXERCISE ONCE A DAY. Go for a brisk walk, at least.
5. Spend time talking to a friend or family, in person, every day.
6. Be passionate about something. God has made you creative. Make something. Write something. Play something. Whatever it is, do it as if there is no tomorrow.
7. Give freely. Give to others. Give to your church. Give wisely and joyfully. And if you can, give anonymously.
8. Read something. Read a poem, a proverb, the first chapter of a classic novel, a Far Side cartoon.
9. Turn off the tube and talk to each other. So many families never speak 20 words as the whole night is ruled by blinking boob-box.
10. Your turn. What are some of your suggestions? What are some things you are doing that you feel help you in leading a healthier, happier life?


Popcorn said...

Do everything in moderation.
Eat less, just enough to satiate'll feel so much better. We all consume so much more than is necessary

Choose happiness no matter what the circumstances of the moment

Give the people the benefit of the doubt

Forgive people

Keep conversations focused on the other person.

Genuinely rejoice in other's accomplishments

Arrest gossip

Pray without ceasing

Dwain said...

Eat together as a family. Eat well. Try something new, YOU made.

Drink good wine.

Learn something new each day if you can.

Pray. I'll say it again, pray. Not because you have to, but because, you've finally realized, God is REALLY listening because He loves you.

Remember well. Take pictures, they will be a blessing to those who follow.

Journal, write, put it down, it is your story.

Leave a legacy. May God grant it be fruitful.

It isn't about you. Serve others more than yourself.

It isn't about things or items you have, life truly lived seems to be more about who you share it with.

Life has it's monotony and day-to-day grind, but when you've paid up that day-to-day trust building debt, the truly wonderful deep moments in life are to be savored.

Be more childlike.

Seth Ward said...

Guys, I love these! Been away from the internet for a few or I would have said so earlier.

Be more childlike... love it.

Genuinely rejoice in other people's accomplishments... I find that is the BEST way to remain, "humble." I had to learn that the hard way in undergrad piano.

Anonymous said...

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