Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To H-town and Back

Last week I was in Houston meeting with my prof. about my dissertation. It was a great trip and it was so good to see all our friends and people that have become like family to us. A blog is coming very soon about our church in Houston and the wonderful people that are there.

And yes, Houston is as hot as it was when I left it in August. If Louis Armstrong were to have sang about Houston it would have gone a little something like this:

I see smog of blue,
it burns my eyes
The hot humid days,
there's something in the sky...

And I think to myself
"Is that a mosquito or a bird...?"

I see traffic for miles
It ebbs and flows
like some poo made of glue
or a grandma, rowing a large boat

And I think to myself,
I'm gonna jab out my eye

The colors of the rainbow,
high jacked by the gays
The churches are so huge
they could stage an Elephant's play (?)

I see dudes holdn' hands,
got both whiskers and some boobs
I see some old bum peeing
at the sonic drive-thru

I hear babies cry
No wait; it's a billion birds
perched above my car
covering it with their turds

But I think to myself...
"I miss all my friends there..."
Then I think to myself,
"No more sweaty underwear."

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euphrony said...

I think I know where ol' Satchmo was hangin' it here in H-town.