Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Darwin vs. Amber

Seth: Did you know that Darwin thought Black people were less evolved?

Amber: That's crazy.

Seth: Did you know that Darwin also thought women to be less evolved than men?

Amber: He was a jackass.


The Cachinnator said...

Amber wins.

Stephen and Haley said...

I'm in Amber's corner on that fight!

- Haley

kddub said...

go amber!

MamasBoy said...

amber's funny.

What I don't get is how he came to this conclusion. Did he come to this conclusion because men's emotions are more level and that was somehow more advanced/evolved? What is more evolved about men? Any ideas?


Susanne said...

I agree with both of your comments, Amber. :)

Seth Ward said...

I don't really get his conclusion either. However, haven't there been studies and such that have shown women to be better at some things and women better than men?

I wonder if the Black community knows of Darwin's conclusions? I wonder if Darwinism would be so enthusiastically taught in P.S. if they knew his thoughts on evolution...

It is no wonder that Hitler and Nietzsche loved Darwin. Hitler even quoted a big chunk of Origin in Mein Kampf.