Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello (cue echo)

It's been a while. I'm dipping my toe back into the blog world. I've learned a lot in the past year and I feel that I should share some of what I've learned. I've journeyed long mountainous roads, learned spirituality from croaking frogs and whistling reeds and Oprah reruns. I am much wiser than before. I promise. TRUSSSST me. Eckhart Tolle, step aside. There's a new guru in town, and one that doesn't talk through his German congested nose and laugh at his own lost-in-translation jokes.

But not really. I'm really back here by accident. Kind of. More like, "Wouldya look at all those safari links I don't use anymore. Why exactly do I have a link for a pyro remote? There's my blog!"

I stopped blogging for a while for a few reasons. First, it was really bothering me. I hated checking stats and I hated watching other bloggers check their stats and then blog about how they don't really care about sats or fans or whatever. (I guess that was several reasons.) Second, because my blog background was acting up and I was too lazy to fix it. So I tried a new format and this one works okay. Whatev's. It is actually easier to read. Amiright? Also, I got tired of griping. Believe it or not, I am pretty positive person. Something happens when I blog. I immediately want to make fun of people or gripe about something or brag about Apple. And that's just not me. Or not me anymore. Until today.

But I'm here typing a little and it feels alright, I guess. Kind of like going back to an old neighborhood and being flooded with a bunch of insecurity and whatever else that was felt during that time.

But life is good. We are enjoying the heck out of our time here in the city.

Not sure where this will go from here, but... HI THERE! Hope you guys are rocking and jammin and making babies and living your dreams and cutting old Joel Osteen some slack!



Chaotic Hammer said...

Love the new look. It is easy on the eyes.

Jesus is still it for me, too.

Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the city -- we hope to visit again at some point.

And Joel Osteen still needs to repent and start preaching the Gospel. ;-)

Scott Baker said...

Yes to everything except cutting Osteen some slack.

Welcome back, brother. We need to talk.

Stephen said...

So I randomly wondered today if you had any recent posts, and wonder of wonders, discovered I was only a day off. I'll check back in 6 months for another post. Or, you know, maybe next week. Hope all is well. I'm here in Nashville, sulking that I can't make it up there this weekend to hear the NYPhil play Mahler's 6th. Enjoy a performance for me.

Humberto Dib said...

Hi, I just popped in to say hello, great blog, congratulations!
You can visit mine if you feel like.
Cheers from Argentina!