Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spinal Tap in Real Life


Seth Martin Ward said...

Hey Seth, This is Seth. Saw you were a Texan at heart. I was raised in Plano just north of Dallas. Really enjoyed your iPhone blog. Have you thought about putting up a follow widget so that people can get auto updates when you post? I'll book mark your blogs and stop in to read what you post. Stop by and follow mine, if you can. I'd appreciate your readership. Oh and for the 3rd and final ironic part of it all....My last name is Ward.....go figure, to Texans sharing the same Take care.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Hey, I call shenanigans. You promised that the next five posts would deliberately misuse a word, but I don't see it in this one.

I can't just sit idly by and watch while you aggregate on the responsibility you have to your readers.

Seth Ward said...

Seth! That's pretty amazing. What's more is that there is a town in Texas named Seth Ward! Literally, Seth Ward, Texas. Weirdest thing ever.

Checked out your blog, love it! Will add soon to wall.


C-hammer, see latest post. Happy??? Sheesh. Demanding bunch! ;-)